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8 Benefits of Internships

1. Gain valuable work experience

2. Explore a career path

3. Give yourself an edge in the job market
4. Develop and refine skills
5. Receive financial compensation
6. Network with professionals in the field
7. Gain confidence
8. Transition into a job

Kate KBG Intern

Diary of Kate, an Intern of KBG

Diary of an Intern in KBG

24th April 2019


My name is Kate and I work as an intern trainee accountant in KBG.
I started working here 1 day per week in September 2018.
I attend Sligo IT 4 days per week where I am doing a degree in Business and Accounting.
I am presently employed 1 day per week with full time employment to commence in June 2019.
The work that I am exposed to is very varied and to-date
I have been involved in the following:-


  • Doing bank reconciliations.

  • Filing of P30s, P45s, P60s.

  • VAT returns.

  • Preparing sole trader accounts.

  • Preparing working papers in respect of limited company accounts.


I have been exposed to the Revenue Online System and have been involved in the preparation of VAT returns for various clients.

KBG to-date has been a very good working experience for me as I have been given lots of responsibility and the variation in the work leaves it challenging.

I find that the work that I am exposed to is very different to what I am currently or have studied in the past.

6th August 2019

My full time employment with KBG started on 10th June 2019. I am now working with KBG 5 days per week and enjoying same. One of the big pluses of same is that we finish at 3 o'clock on Fridays.

Since commencing full time employment I have progressed and have taken on new tasks such as:-

  • Preparation of limited company accounts.

  • I have been introduced to a new accounting package called Relate Company Secretarial.

  • The incorporation of new companies has been part of my role.

  • The filing of annual returns with the Companies Registration Office is also something I have undertaken.

  • I have also learned about filing B10s, B73s and B77s with the Companies Registration Office.


The plan is that I will take on the Company Secretarial role for part of the Practice from September 2019. I am really looking forward to this challenge.

Since June I have had some new work colleagues to work alongside to include two Accounting Apprentices, with a scheme that KBG are actively promoting in association with Accounting Technicians Ireland. There have also been some summer interns who have all added greatly to the enjoyment of the summer months in my first full time position. We also moved back into the newly refurbished offices since my last diary entry and the working environment is excellent as a result of same.

18th February 2020


I am now 8 months working full time in KBG. In this time, I have taken on new tasks and developed new skills. I have taken over the company secretarial role which gives me full responsibility for the filing of annual returns and uploading accounts to the Companies Registration Office, within specific deadlines.

I have also been given full responsibility over all the filings in respect of the Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies for the firm's clients. This is a new legal requirement that all companies must adhere to.

Other roles I have been completing include:-

  • Preparing accounts for limited companies.

  • Preparing accounts for sole traders and filing Form 11's.

  • Preparing VAT and filing VAT 3's.


19th May 2020

I am now 11 months working full time in KBG. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I am now working from home 3 days and in the office 2 days a week. Personally I am enjoying working from home as I find myself being more productive and having a better work - life balance. Although I am enjoying it, I do miss the interaction with colleagues.

Over the last few months I have continued to be responsible for the company secretarial role.

  • I have now completed the task of registering the Beneficial Owner of companies for the firm's clients.

  • I have continued to grow my knowledge in preparing accounts for both limited companies and sole traders.

  • I have also started to study for an ACCA exam that I will be sitting in September 2020, Strategic Business Leader (SBL).



12th February 2021

I am now 18 months working full time with KBG.  Due to COVID-19 I am alternating between working from home and working in the office.


I have continued to be responsible for the company secretarial role which gives me full responsibility of filing annual returns and uploading clients accounts to the Companies Registration Office.  I am also responsible for the incorporation of companies, registering business names, and filing share transfers that may happen within a company.


I have continued to develop my skills and responsibilities over the last few months. 


  • I have worked on preparing accounts and filing tax returns.

  • I have also worked on preparing management accounts and accounts for companies limited by guarantee.

  • I have continued to prepare VAT returns.

  • I have also been working on return of trading details over the last month.

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