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KBG Accounting and Payroll Solutions

Accounting and Payroll Solutions

The accounting function is fundamental to all businesses, regardless of size. It is vital to have a system to record and classify transactions in a timely and reliable manner, to ensure all taxation calculations are accurate and to provide a platform for sound business decisions. KBG understands that business owners often have a limited amount of time to dedicate to this important function and to assist our clients, we offer a bespoke accounting service to meet their unique needs.

KBG accountant with paperwork

Payroll is an essential part of every business and is often a time consuming and cumbersome task for business owners. At KBG we offer a professional, reliable and cost effective payroll service to cover all aspects of this function. This form of outsourcing allows our clients to concentrate on their core business activities to help grow their business.


PAYE Modernisation i.e. real time reporting of payroll information to Revenue commenced on 1st January 2019. This means that payroll details are reported to revenue each time you pay your staff. This is a significant change in the operation of payroll and will challenge Employers. As you are providing wage payment details on each pay day, it is imperative that the details reported to Revenue are accurate and are reported in a timely manner, prior to making the actual payment. Although amendments are facilitated under this new system, it is time consuming and it will draw unwanted attention to your affairs. It is also noteworthy that your payment obligations to the Revenue have remained unchanged and will continue to be monthly or quarterly, as per your individual arrangement with Revenue.

To support our employers and ensure they receive the benefits from PAYE modernisation, KBG have expanded our payroll team and all members are highly trained, knowledgeable and available to assist you with all your payroll needs.

KBG provides accounting assistance with:


Banking proposals


Grant applications


Business plan preparation

Book keeping

Annual accounts preparation

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The above is just a small indication on our services on offer. Please contact a member of our team to discuss your particular requirements.

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